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Last Updated: February 27, 2024

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When you are concerned about the protection of yourself, your family, your house, and valuables then opting for the installation of a home security system is a natural choice. While shopping for a home security system, ask yourself some questions like, what you want to protect? What is your budget? How big is your home? 

A home security system is not only for the protection of your house from burglars but can do other jobs quite effectively, even can communicate with you and your kids when you get home. After buying home security devices, you have to prepare your house for its installation. There are many companies which offer free installation if you buy their products, so you don’t have to do anything. But that perk comes at a cost. It is good to do your homework about the installation of a home security system even before purchasing the system. So here is a guide which can answer all your queries about the preparation of the home for installation of a home security system. 

Getting a permit

It is required in some states to get a permit before the installation of a home security system in your house. You can check your city’s website or can call the concerned government office to know if you need a permit or not. Getting a permit is sometimes a long but necessary process. If you get permission, you can go ahead with the installation of the system.

Walk through the home with your technician

Have an initial walk through the house with a technician, so that he would be able to know the layout of your house and be able to plan the places for security cameras, sensors, and other smart home security features. Most technicians already get the layout of your house before coming to you, but it will be still good to walk through the house to get more details.

Selection of best place for devices

You should know the right place for a device to be placed as you are the owner of the house. It is necessary to strategically install sensors and surveillance cameras to reduce the risks of blind spots which can become the system’s weakness. You can install surveillance cameras in areas where entry points are easily monitored and place motion sensors next to doors or windows to avoid unpleasant scenarios.

Preparation of code

Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with a code but it is good to already know the code which you want before finishing installation of the home security system. You should select the numbers that you can easily remember but cannot be traced by intruders easily. When your technician is done with setting up your security code, then you are ready to go.

Clear space for devices

The area where the installation of devices takes place should be clear, which may include rearrangement of furniture or changing the whole room. Clear spaces around devices easily give you access to devices in an emergency.

Download your app

It is not good to wait for the technician to finish the installation of your home security system and then install the smart home security system app on your mobile. Download it as you purchased the security system to be ahead in the game when the technician is here to help you to set it up.

Place for keypad

Technicians can suggest you a place for fixing the alarm keypad, but it should be your decision ultimately as you better know your house. It is good to fix it closest to the most frequently used door but if you are using multiple doors regularly, then you have to find the best spot which is easily accessible and won’t give false alarms as it will take time to get there. There are many options to place an alarm keypad like desk or table-mounted panel placed in any convenient location or use of the app to arm or disarm the system that can save a rapid throw towards the keypad when you open the door. 

Exploring all options of the newly installed security system

As the technician is done with the installation of the security system, you must sit with him to learn everything about the newly installed home security system. Some companies also offer online help for every question that arises in your mind about the system. After getting information, you should go through every feature of the newly installed device so that you don’t face any difficulty in case of an emergency.

Smart home automation

Smart home security systems adjust to family’s schedule and preferences, so you should know this before installation that you can set it according to your requirements. Automate your house with the smart system to let the house be smart. Home automation systems can keep the lights on or put them off when you are out of place or even can let the dog walker come in the house when you are out.

Now that you’ve fulfilled all the prerequisites of having a home security system, it’s time to relax in a safe and secure home.

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