How to choose a home warranty company in 2021

Last Updated: May 20, 2024

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Your house is your most loved and privileged possession and looking after it is often your topmost priority. Appliances in daily use in your home and other internal and external home systems require maintenance. As an owner, you will be much more relaxed if there is a solution that would take care of all the maintenance of your home equipment without being a burden on your pocket.

A home warranty is a contract that connects a house owner to a home warranty company. This company takes the charge to deal with the cost of restoring and repairing the equipment of the house that run out of order. A home warranty company makes sure to provide you best services so that you may save your money in repairing of little wear and tear caused to the appliances at your home. In some cases, the companies claim the hundred percent expenditure and in others, they may offer the discounted rates. All home warranty covers the maintenance of home systems and appliances but to a different extent.

There are many home warranty companies out there offering a diverse range of facilities, but the best ones are those which provide services like high coverage limits, transparent coverage details, easy policy purchase, and claims registration. Let’s have a look at the key points you need to consider while choosing the right home warranty.

Home Warranty Coverage:

The first thing to do is to go through the list of services various home warranty companies are providing. Carry out research about which home systems and appliances will they cover and what would be the conditions applied to this agreement. Also, look for the details that which company is providing services that exactly match your needs and choose a company that is more likely to facilitate the systems or appliances which are more likely to get damaged. For instance, if you have a newly made kitchen that has all the appliances accurately working, there is absolutely no need to choose a plan that provides services for kitchen appliances, rather go for the ones that provide A/C or HVAC system coverage.

You should look for the services which cover your most expensive home appliance and systems. As their maintenance would cost you heavily if they are not covered in a home warranty. For example, if you have a flooring heating system installed in your home, repairing it from your own pocket would be a big setback to your finances, so you should definitely get it covered in the home warranty. Prioritize your needs and choose coverage accordingly.

Budget Calculations:

The home warranty you are going to opt for must be aligned with your budget. Fees should be reasonable that they can be easily taken out from your earning routine. It is, however, understood that the more facilitative the plan will be, the more money it will charge. Moreover, the bigger and more complicated appliance or system it caters to, the more will be the charges. So advisably, it is suggested that before choosing and completely getting into the plan, compare the respectively given fees with the net cost for the repairing of the appliance or any other system.

It is preferred if you carry out calculations for this and devise a plan for yourself that can translate to you which pathway is best to choose. Sometimes, you may feel like there is absolutely no need for a home warranty because your guesswork supports this. It happens when you think there is very little chance of damage to the things in use. But this could be a risky move and can backfire as it would get almost impossible for you to meet the repair expenses if anything odd happens. So always look for a narrow alley that will keep the balance.

Limits and Exclusions

Home warranty companies set their own limits and exclusions. There is no such company that provides coverage without any strings attached. These are actually limits and exclusions that can provide the most efficient coverage at very reasonable prices. It can be a big ask from a layman to fully understand the limits and exclusions of a home warranty so you should go for the company that includes the limits and exclusions in the Service Agreements. So, if you know all the limits and exclusions of a home warranty plan, the decision-making would become a lot easier.

Licensed source

Another important thing that can be done is checking that whether the specific firm is licensed by the state authorities or not. This would be helpful in the regards that you can go and check about the feedback or other registered complaints against it. 

Online confirmation

Nearly all the house warranty companies have online portals so look for the customers’ feedbacks there. Any homeowner already using it can give the best and truthful analysis on what the facilities are they getting and how is their experience. Whether the company providing all the claims or not and how is their customer service. This could be a very authentic source of information for you.

Nearby Companies  

It would be best if you look for the companies in your town or area. It would be easier for you and the home warranty company and the services provided by them would be more efficient than the far-off located ones. 

To sum up everything, it is observed that the more research you do, the more informed and better decision you will be able to make. Companies would likely take advantage of you if you are not fully aware of all the aspects of a home warranty. If you follow the comprehensive points listed above, you will be in a position to make the right decision. 

To save you from all the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 home warranty companies that are the best in the business. 

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