Home security systems for renters

Last Updated: February 27, 2024

Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg

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Security & Safety comes first! Even if you are a homeowner or a home renter, you still need to prioritize your residential security. But when it comes to a home-renter the priorities could be different regarding the best home security systems. Obviously, being a renter, one must look at some additional features which may include the portability of the equipment and affordability of the system. There are so many different aspects that need to be debated on for a home renter. In the case of renter-friendly home security systems, one must look at the cost of the system for the services provided with the system.

There is a variety of equipment used in a home security system. Mostly it includes outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras, particular sensors i.e., temperature sensors, touch sensors, fire, and motion detectors, etc. Apart from these, motion detectors have also been introduced to detect the presence of intruders. There is another important feature which is the installation of the mobile app. The mobile app is the best tool when it comes to self-monitoring security systems. It allows you to keep a check on your home even when you are not home. 

The possible features for a renter-friendly home security system include;

  • Contract free set-up
  • Wireless equipment
  • Portability
  • Remote controlled lights
  • Wireless sensors and detectors
  • DIY installation

Here are some best home security systems for renters:

  • Cove 
  • Nest
  • SimpliSafe
  • Scouts 

Cove: Home security for renters

Cove home security is the best option for those renters who have money concerns. It is the most affordable security system. The most important feature is that they are tailor-made to fit the structure of rentals. It’ll allow you to fit it into certain small spaces too. Furthermore, all Cove systems are provided with professional monitoring and cellular backup too.  Mostly Cove systems include a touch panel, a monitor sensor, a door sensor, and a keyring remote along with any camera. In addition, they came with some environmental change detectors like CO, smoke, or temperature sensors. These sensors are wireless thus easy to install and are portable too. If you are looking for some google assistant or Alexa features, Cove allows a monthly subscription to add these features.

Nest: Home security for renters

Google Nest security system offers a more traditional way of home security. It includes Nest Guard Hub, Nest tags, and Nest detects motion sensors. The presence of Nest tags makes arming and disarming of the whole system an easier step. You can just swipe the tags to perform these functions. This security system comes with a wide variety of Google features to ensure the protection of your home. There is a Google Assistant-enabled speaker that allows you to handle commands for your alarm system. Recently Google has announced about discontinuing the Nest home security system which means it is no longer available on Google store but one can still get this system from other retailers. This particular security system is easy to install and the presence of hazard monitors makes it more valuable. Furthermore, Nest security system also offers professional monitoring for your system by partnering with Brinks home security. You can choose which monitoring plan you want. This professional monitoring costs somewhere between $19.00/mo.-$29.00/mo.

SimpliSafe: Home security system

SimpliSafe home security is specially designed for those who are fed up with lurkers and robbers in their areas. This security system allows reaching to certain latest home security equipment. This equipment consists of a SimpliSafe base station, a SimpliSafe keypad, a motion sensor along an entry sensor. This security system comes with inexpensive professional monitoring, but self-monitoring is available free of any cost. The whole equipment is wireless, thus portable and easy to install. Cellular monitoring is also featured in these home security systems. Each SimpliSafe security system includes an intrusion detector in its package and you can further choose additional services for home monitoring such as video surveillance, home automation, or hazard monitoring.

Scout: home security system

This particular home security system is designed for small apartments or studios. This particular brand managed to provide you not only the security of your place but also adds to the aesthetic look of your place. Scout security system is designed with a couple of benefits. There is no contract hassle with this system plus no hard-wiring issue. You can easily install this security system to protect your family and belongings. This security system handles security services in a manner of style. It provides cellular monitoring and one can easily get updates regarding any intrusion or disturbance. The basic package provides motion sensors, a smart hub, and key forbs. The motion sensors work day and night since these sensors use infrared radiations to detect intrusion thus presence or absence of light doesn’t matter. Scout doesn’t bound its customers to have long-term contracts. If you are looking for a system you can control with your mobile phone, Scout could be an advisable choice.

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