Home security system for seniors

Last Updated: February 27, 2024

Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg

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A lifetime of hard work and countless sleepless nights make a person worthy of a peaceful and safe life in old age. Seniors need more protection and care as they don’t have that strength of the youth anymore. Modern security systems provide more extensive features for the seniors to protect them from burglaries and they can get help if they are sick at any time. Cameras in particular places allow seniors to monitor what is happening in and outside their house.

Seniors due to their age, are not able to get up and turn on and off the security system of their home, therefore in the modern era, remote control home security systems are available to provide them a good and safer life.

In case of a medical emergency by the medical alert system, it is easy to call for help. Automatic home security systems make it easier to monitor the people at your doorstep and let them in remotely. If you have elders in your home, you must install these security systems so you can monitor them from anywhere by an app. In case of any problem, relatives will receive alerts and information about any unusual events, like smoke inside the home, invasions by burglars, leakage of water, or frozen pipes. All these facilities allow the elders to live without any fear and give them the freedom they direly need. 

Before installing the home security system for the seniors, you need to make sure that the system must offer these features:

Large keypad buttons

Many seniors face weak eyesight problems making it harder for them to find and press regular size buttons. The remote controlling system should have a keypad with extra-large buttons so they can easily see them.

The remote-control security system

Home security systems for seniors should be capable to be controlled by remote because at this age due to joint pains and weak bones, they cannot move easily. They cannot get up to turn on and off the security system. With the remote-control feature, they can activate and deactivate the system anywhere in the house with a remote or a mobile phone.

Medical emergency button

If the seniors live alone in their home, their security system must include a medical emergency alert. In case of a fall, slip, or any other accident, they can easily call for help. The emergency alert system must be in a wearable device like a pendant or bracelet for better accessibility. 

Good security systems provide the ability to install the panic button on your smartphones.

The option of alert alarm

Most of the seniors suffer from hearing loss related problems. That’s why along with the sound alarm there must be the bright light alert alarm that will help the seniors to be aware of the emergency event.

Crime prevention and burglar alarm system

Home security systems provide the seniors with complete protection against hazards including toxic gasses, fires, medical emergencies, and fire. Old age makes their body weak and with limited mobility, they can be easy targets for burglars. In every entryway, door, and window the burglar alarms can be installed so you can monitor any intrusion in the house.

Protection from the other dangers 

Other than burglars, there are many dangers or risks that you need to be mindful of. You can protect your family especially seniors by installing a modern alert system. These systems are equipped with carbon monoxide alarms and fire protection devices. You can also install the sensors in the waterline that will automatically activate to shut off the valves to protect the house from flood damage. With the modern security system, you can control and monitor your house from anywhere by your smartphones or the control panel. 

Home automation 

With a remote you can control the household activates automatically by use of home automation technology. This technology makes your house a safer and enjoyable place for your family to perform basic tasks. This technique can be used to improve the lifestyle of seniors in many ways.

  • Home safety by improving fall prevention, lighting, and security 
  • Remote-control monitoring for easier health care including medication reminders, timely medical testing, medical consultation, and medical care coordination
  • Smart home security systems make life easier for seniors. For example, they do not have to fumble with the keys of their house to unlock doors. They just have to press the button to unlock any door in their home. With the smart lights in your home, you do not have to turn on and off the lights when you are not at home. If you get up at midnight the lights will turn on automatically when you enter in hallway or room.

Peace of mind for your seniors

A home security system makes your life easy. If you have elders in your home, you are always worried when you are outside but the smart home security system eases your life. You can monitor your house with an app on your smartphone. You can control all cameras and doors with this app.

By installing these smart home security systems seniors can live their life more comfortably and independently. Just by pressing a button, they can call for help whether for medical emergency or intrusion of burglaries. They truly deserve a safe and secure life and home security systems ensure that.

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